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Blog posted 29 July 2019


I am always thinking of ways to make life easier. As a new mum these are an essential part of my daily kit. I attach them to my pram to help carry my own Bottle Buddi so i always have water on me. They are also good to hold my shopping bags! My daughter also has them attached to her scooter and bike as it gives her that extra bit of room to get her water bottle in and out. These are made in the UK by the same manufactuer as the Bottle Buddi. I hope you find them just as useful. You can purchase them on the wesbite, eBay store and Amazon will go on line within the next week or so.

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From our customers:

From our customers

Brilliant idea! Thank you so much for thinking of it. It’s so much easier in the morning now!! X


Vicky Martin
From our customers

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