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Blog posted 9 March 2019

New Product Alert!

As a small business owner the hardest part of setting yourself up is getting your business recognised. It is so hard at the beginning and if you aren’t the kind of person that feels comfortable constantly promoting your goods and getting everybodys attention whenever you can, it can feel overwhelming.

That’s why after 3 years of running this business I try to help anybody I can when they are just starting out as I’ve been there and It’s tough.

I am quite keen to have a page on my website dedicated to other ingeniuos ideas, all based around our beloved children of course and as i have become a new mum I am sure I will be coming up with something else to help us all!

Check out this new product, handmade by Juliet, they are fab quality and so strong! I have just launched them on eBay with the hope that they will soon be coming onto the website!

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From our customers

Love this invention! Great Idea! My daughter loves it too!


Kelly Boylin
From our customers

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