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Blog posted 22 February 2019

Bespoke Bottle Buddi’s

This little lady contacted us as she wanted a Bottle Buddi that would hold her extra large water bottle for when she goes to Rainbows. These days it is becoming increasingly popular to have an oversized water bottle as everyone seems to be promoting how important it is to drink more water! (Finally!!) Even my own daughter is a big fan of Smiggle and LoL who sell them supersize so….

It took a little longer to arrive to her as it is made to order and remember it is handmade by a fantastic team here is sunny Plymouth but here she is showing it off.

This bespoke service will soon be on our product page so watch this space.. #bespoke#madetoorder#bottlebuddi

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From our customers:

From our customers

Just to say what a flaming, marvellous idea!!! I am forever worrying about bottles leaking in book bags and ruining work and books. I don’t want to send them with a separate bag because they go to school on the bus and it’s just one more thing to be left behind, so I normally put the bottles in a little plastic sandwich bag, which invariably doesn’t make it home again, so I have to use a new one the next day and I worry about the waste. It seems that bottle buddi’s are the answer! I can’t wait for them to arrive!


From our customers

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