The Story So Far

If you are reading this, you may be wondering what is a Bottle Buddi? Let me start at the beginning…

My name is Sarah and I am a busy working mum of 2 (one is pretty new to this world). It continuously feels like I have very little time on my hands as I try my best to get family life to run as smoothly as possible, but as we all know it rarely does!

In 2014 my daughter started Primary School. Little did I know how annoying yet important her water bottle was. Never enough hands, the water bottle was either leaking in my bag (wet mobile), her bag (soggy school books) or being dropped as her little hands struggled to carry it. (dangerous if it rolled into the road)

The worse scenario was that it was forgotten all together, so this meant she probably wouldn’t drink any water throughout her busy school day.

I needed a solution to this problem, so I came up with the Bottle Buddi!

The Bottle Buddi is a simple yet effective product for all primary school age children in Key Stage 1.

A lightweight water-resistant pouch which attaches to the book bag using press studs allowing the child or parent to carry the book bag and water bottle to school with one handle.

It is recommended that children between the ages of 4-8 drink around 1.1-1.3 litres of water per day, that’s approximately 2 filled water bottles. If they forget their water bottle, how much do you think they will drink during their busy day?

Drinking this amount can keep children hydrated, alert, help to keep their concentration and increase overall mental performance at school and at home. (Natural Hydration Council)

If you are still reading this you know exactly how I felt on the school run, so please go ahead and have a look around the site. We currently sell 9 different colours which can be attached to the book bag, scooter or bike for out of school.

Bottle Buddi Extension Strap

We have also created an adjustable extension strap, so it can be worn across the body for walking/hiking or just generally out and about! Perfect for adults who need to stay hydrated as well!

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When I started this business, it was to overcome an everyday problem, don’t get me wrong it still does just that, but our message is that water is so important to our lives, let’s do all we can to make sure the future generation of children stay hydrated and healthy.


Bottle Buddi

From our customers:

From our customers

Best product I’ve bought, saves hands when juggling the school run with three kids and the water bottles… I love it!


Vanessa McElkerney
From our customers

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